Saturday, December 31, 2011

nice beauty hairstyles

nice beauty hairstyles
nice beauty hairstyles

nice beauty hairstyles
nice beauty hairstyles

nice beauty hairstyles
nice beauty hairstyles

nice beauty hairstyles
nice beauty hairstyles

nice beauty hairstyles
nice beauty hairstyles

Thursday, December 29, 2011

hair styles 2011

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hair Care Tips

The following are some basic hair care tips that you can use to improve the health and look of your hair.

A healthy lifestyle will mean healthier hair for you. Excessive stress, smoking, not exercising and not eating nutritiously are not healthy for your hair.

Get enough sleep.

Hair Products (Gel, mouse, hair spary...)
Avoid using hair styling products with alcohol which dries out hair.

Avoid puting hair styling products directly on your scalp, if you put it on your scalp you'll clog the pores on your head.

Before entering a pool, wet your hair so your hair will soak up the initial water instead of the chlorinated water.

When swimming where a cap to protect your hair from chlorinated water, if you choose not to wear a cap make sure you shampoo and condition your hair right after you are done swimming.

Hot air can be damaging to your hair so when using a hair dryer use the cool setting.

Don't leave the blowdryer in one spot for more than a few seconds, keep it moving and at a good distance away from your hair.

To speed up the drying process, pat your hair dry with a towell and let the remaining moisture in your hair dry naturally.

Gently use your fingers or a pick to untangle any knots while your hair is drying.

Use a brush whose bristles are made from natural animal hairs, it is softer and more flexible which means less damage will be done to your hair.

Hair is most fragile when it is wet so avoid brushing or combing when it's wet, or else it will cause breakage, wait until your hair is almost completely dry before brushing it.

Use brushes/combs with widely spaced bristles/teeth and smooth tips. Sharp tooth combs can damage your hair, cause split ends, and scratch your scalp.

To keep your brushes and combs clean, wash them weekly using soap or shampoo.

Comb your hair to remove any tangles before brushing it.

Begin by combing your hair gently at the ends to get any tangles out and work your way up to the base of your hair.

Always brush/comb with a downwards stroke.

Avoid using plastic brushes/combs which create static electricity.

Hair Vitamins

Hair vitamins are those vitamins that are necessary for proper hair growth. Hair vitamins will help to keep your hair well nourished and this helps to reduce frizzy hair and gives one�s hair a natural shine. While shampoos and conditioners are extremely important when it comes to keeping your hair clean and soft, they also contain harsh chemicals that can destroy the protein and vitamins within your hair. This is why it is important to use products that are mild and gentle on your hair. You can also use homemade shampoos and conditioners to avoid unnecessary product buildup on your hair. A homemade shampoo can be made using soapnuts while you can make a conditioner out of yogurt and crushed nuts. Yogurt contains several vitamins and helps to enrich your hair while crushed nuts contain fatty acids that help to moisturize your hair and prevent it from becoming excessively dry. You can also make a fruit based conditioner using assorted fruits as this will help to provide your hair with the vitamins it needs as well as give your hair a lovely fruity smell. You can make a thick paste out of crushed mangoes or bananas and apply this to your hair. A mango pulp conditioner is excellent for dry hair while a mashed banana conditioner is excellent for damaged hair. Fruits contain several different vitamins and so using a mixed fruit paste instead of your normal conditioner will help to provide your hair with a variety of essential vitamins. In addition to applying these vitamin rich conditioners on your hair, it is also important to make sure that they are also present in your diet. This is because the roots of your hair are constantly nourished by vitamins that are delivered to it through your blood.

Vitamins for hair loss would include vitamins A and E as well as vitamins B-complex and C. While you can have a vitamin supplement to ensure that you meet your daily vitamin requirements, it is better to obtain these nutrients through a healthy diet. If for some reason you opt for vitamin supplements, make sure that you talk to your doctor about these first so that you can determine the vitamin supplement best suited to your individual requirements. Carrots, sweet potatoes, and mangoes are all good sources of vitamin A, while almonds, olives, and spinach are all good sources of Vitamin E. These vitamins for hair growth are often referred to as the hair growth vitamins as they are extremely effective in dealing with hair growth problems. Foods that are rich in vitamin C include lentils, bananas, and eggs while citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, and vegetables like broccoli and kale are good sources of vitamin C.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hair Growth Vitamins

Vitamins for hair growth have been gaining recognition as recent research has led to an increased understanding of the role of vitamins in hair growth. Our hair is made up of a protein fiber called keratin and so it was always accepted that protein alone was necessary for hair growth. This is one of the reasons why protein rich foods like eggs were always considered to be ideal foods for hair growth. However, it is now believed that vitamins too play a very important role and it has been proven that vitamin deficiencies could lead to limp and damaged hair, coarse and frizzy hair, and even increased hair fall. This is why it is essential to make sure that your diet contains foods that are rich in various vitamins for hair growth. Hair growth vitamins would include vitamins A, B-complex, C, and E. Vitamin A is a slightly tricky vitamin as insufficient does can cause hair damage but excessive quantities can cause hair loss. This is why many hair growth vitamin supplements can actually cause hair loss if the amount of vitamin A is very high. It is therefore better to get the vitamins that one needs from one�s diet. Hair loss could also be caused by a vitamin B-complex deficiency and this is a very common cause for hair loss in men. Those who are suffering from hair loss need to make sure that their diet includes foods that are rich in this vitamin for hair growth. Vitamin C improves the circulation of the blood which in turn results in your hair roots getting the nutrients they require. Vitamin E also improves circulation by increasing a person�s oxygen intake while breathing. It also plays an important role in the health of the immune system and so it helps to prevent scalp infections.

There have been many rumors that prenatal vitamins and hair growth are linked. This is because a pregnant woman often experiences positive changes in hair growth during her pregnancy. However, there is no evidence that proves that this is true and in fact most research suggests that it is the changes in a woman�s hormonal levels that cause the change in hair growth. Furthermore, it would not be wise to use prenatal vitamin supplements if you are not pregnant as the vitamin balance and ratio is meant specifically for both the mother and her child. Make sure that you talk to your doctor before you take any vitamins for hair growth.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Split End Treament

Split end is more commonly seen in long hair as compared to short hair. Good hair care and maintenance is the only solution to it. Our scalp contains natural oils, as our hair grows, these natural oils fails to reach the hair ends. Hair ends get old once they are around 4 inches. As the hair grows the protective layer of the hair known as cuticle is damaged and the medulla and cortex, the inner layer of the hair fray. Split in the hair can occur anywhere in the hair but mostly occurs at the end.

Dry and brittle ends due to over exposure to sun, varieties of chemicals, relaxers, over heated hair dryer etc results in split ends. Never use poor quality brushes and combs especially one with sharp ends. You need to take extra care of your hair if they are naturally prone to split ends care. Some people may be reluctant to cut split ends because they want to grow their hair. But this could create problems because split ends drop off and continue to split backwards towards the scalp at a faster rate than hair can grow. This will fetch you short hair instead of long hair. To avoid all these split ends related problem trim your hair regularly.

There are products available in the market to seal split ends. Conditioner is very important especially if your hair is longer than 4 inches. Shampooing regularly with chemical based shampoo and swimming in chlorinated water will lead to dry and itchy scalp and split ends. Avoid your hair from drying out. Always wear a hat when you step out in a scorching sun or windy day. Always treat your hair as if you would care for your fine fabric. Never rub harshly your wet hair, this can cause harm to the cuticle.

Short Hair Style Menthod

While long hair styles were the preferred norm, by men as well as women, at one time, in the modern era, short hair styles for women are regarded as trendy and practical by most people of both the genders. Moreover short hair is much easier to maintain and is therefore preferred by people of all age groups. Short hair normally refers to a hair length that is above the ears or shoulders. There are a variety of short hair styles that a person could opt for nowadays, which range from a simple to bob to bangs or fringes.

Unfortunately, short hairstyles do not suit everybody. Therefore, before opting for a short hair cut, factors like the texture and thickness of the hair, the shape of the face and the feasibility of maintaining the hairstyle need to be taken into consideration. Of course, other factors like skin tone, the color of the eyes as well as the overall health and personality of the person do make a difference as well. The advantages of maintaining short hair styles are �

Shorter hair is much easier to maintain, as compared to long hair. Short hairstyles look a lot more chic, trendy and elegant and therefore, can help you stand out from the crowd and make a style statement. While playing games or participating in various sporting activities, short hair styles are more convenient, as the hair is easier to control and therefore, it interferes the least. They are also most apt for the summer season. Short hair styles could accentuate the looks and especially the facial features of a person. Fashion accessories like earrings or neck pieces or even something like a tattoo on the neck can be highlighted with the help of shorter hair styles.

Some of the most popular short hair styles for women are the boy cut or a crop, the pixie cut, the short shag cut, the blunt cut, the point haircut, the wedge cut and the bed-hair haircut, just to name a few. Before opting for short hair styles cuts that you are not too sure about, it is best to check a computer simulation of your face, with a particular hairstyle, which has now become a regular service offered by most leading hair salons and parlors. This will reduce the probability of you getting a bad or an undesired haircut, as you have the option of choosing the hair style that you think suits you.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Beauty Tips For Teen Girls

Makeup and clothing is an issue for many teenage girls. If you are stressing about what you should look like as a newcomer in middle school, or a freshie in high school, here's a quick guide to help your fashion mature with you throughout middle and high school.

In Sixth grade, wear lip gloss, some mascara, and maybe a little bit of pale eyeshadow; don't go too heavy or it may look bad. If you want to try out more types of makeup, keep that for home experiments.
As for clothes, keep it in your comfort level. Bear this in mind: if you are wearing a bra or undershirt, don't let the straps hang out. It doesn't look cool; it just looks sloppy. If you are wearing a short shirt, check in the mirror to see if your stomach hangs out of the bottom. Otherwise, wear something a little bit longer. Also, if your pants are likely to slip, wear a belt. Belts are totally hip now!
* The main point is to keep the makeup light, and the clothes clean cut.

In Seventh grade you are beginning to care a little more what you look like; you might want to try curling your hair a few days a week, and using different hairstyles besides your typical ponytail.
If you are acne prone, try foundation. Remember thet even oily skin can get flaky and that looks horrible with foundation. So try it on weekends first and ask your mother (or someone that uses foundation well) if it looks okay.
In Seventh grade you might want to try eyeliner. But not too much because you don't want to look like a racoon!
Start trying to tie outfits together with accessories. It's good to try new things with your makeup and clothes. But when you try the new things, make sure it looks good on you, not just in the picture or at the store. Check out different stores, and find out if there is a style that suits you.

In eighth grade you are probably getting good at makeup and you know what you like. Try establishing your own hairstyle without looking like everyone else. For example, if everyone has long, layered hair with no bangs, try light wispy bangs and a shorter, layered look.
You might be wearing tighter jeans now and probably starting to get concerned with impressing the guys, so it's safe to try out more mature styles such as a sleek leather blazer, or lower cut necklines. If you are happy with your sports bra, that is totally OK. But it's safe now to check out the actual bra department and wear something that makes you feel pretty - like lace.

Ninth grade: high school! This is a big transition. Now in the same world as seniors, you are going to want to look like the rest of your peers. You should by now have your makeup and hair styles already. Try to update this look a bit, because no one wants to carry the same look they had in middle school. Dramatize a detail in your hair. If its known for it's left side part, part it even deeper. Make a straight style even sleeker and hip. Learn to make youre curls tighter, or looser.
In high school you might want to wear your usual make up during the day, and as you start to go out with friends and boys at night, add a darker shade of eyeliner, or jazz up your lips with something more festive. It's also good to try new shoes, try wearing spikier ankle boots with a pair of hot jeans and a blouse. Chunkier heels aren't as hip as spikes as you get older. Incorporate accessories into your outfit. Buy yourself a bag that's in suede or leather to keep your schoolbooks in, instead of a backpack. You will want to buy yourself a new jacket, and make it your own.
You know what you like, so go and find clothes that fit your style, but crank it up a notch for a more mature feel.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

How To Apply Lipstick And Lip Liner

A. Do Liner First

Lip liner is optional but if you use it, it should go on first. Don't use liner darker than your lipstick, because if the lipstick fades and the liner doesn't, you're left with just an outline. Use neutral or lipstick-matched liner.

Starting at the center of your upper lip, draw a line to each outer corner, following the edge of your natural lip line.

Fill in color all over lips if you want extra holding power for your lipstick.

*Hint: Chill lip pencil in the refrigerator for a few minutes to make sharpening easier.

B. Lipstick

A dusting of powder or bit of foundation beneath lipstick can maximize its staying power. Either can dry lips, though, so use a creamy formula lipstick.

Stretch your lips and starting at the center of top or bottom, glide color to corners. Blot, reapply and blot again for longer-lasting color.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do It Yourself French Manicure

Want professional looking nails without spending your days pay in the salon? With some practice and a little patience, you can enjoy fancy nails anytime you want for only the cost of your nail polish!

Their pale pink base and bright white tips characterize the ever-popular French manicures, which are a common request at nail salons everywhere. Professional nail stylists may paint your nails alone or they may apply fake tips if you desire. Based on your personal preferences, a nail designer will give your nails a strengthening and conditioning workout prior to painting them. If you get your nails done with fake tips, you may have to make a trip back to the salon to get your French tips refilled when your nails have grown noticeably.

Keeping longer, healthy nails will be most conducive to sporting a French manicure. To complete your own French manicure, begin with the following steps to prepare your nails for the procedure.

    * Using a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover, wipe off any old nail polish prior to painting nails. Wash hands and soak in warm water for a few moments.
    * With an orangewood stick, gently push back the cuticles so they are all even with each other once the water has softened your skin.
    * With nail clippers, beauty scissors or a nail file, shape your nails evenly.
    * With a steady hand, carefully paint only the tip of each nail with a white hue. A second coat may be desirable, depending on the thickness and opaqueness of the polish. Allow polish to dry between coats.
    * Using a slightly transparent pink or nude color, paint the entire nail once the tips have dried. A second coat may be necessary. Allow nails to dry thoroughly.
    * Once all the coats have dried, apply a clear topcoat to protect your new French manicure. To lengthen the manicures lifespan, make an effort to paint a clear coat on each night. Be sure it has ample time to dry completely.
    * If you are feeling especially creative and ambitious, kick off your shoes and match your tootsies to your fingertips!

This procedure is best performed on a lazy morning or evening when no other pressing errands or tasks will get in the way. After painting your nails, avoid doing things with your hands while they dry.

For an easier painting technique, check the beauty section of a drug store or superstore for a French manicure kit. The set should contain, at the very least, nail polish in white and pink or beige and a clear topcoat. Some manicure sets - like COVERGIRLs French Manicure Kit  will contain tiny, sticky nail guides. These make the manicure process 100 times easier by allowing you to place the guides on each nail individually, leaving a small margin where the polish can spill outside the tip without tainting the rest of the nail.

As the holidays approach, let your crazy side out by concocting a wildly modified French manicure - green and white for St. Patricks Day, pastel shades for Easter, black and orange for Halloween and red and green for Christmas. Have fun and remember, even if you find the do-it-yourself French manicure difficult at first, practice will provide you with the skills you need to create beautiful and perfect manicures all year long!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick and Easy Designs for Stylish Nails

Whether you have a hot date or a job interview, a wedding or a casual night out at the bar, get creative and try some new styles for your nail painting needs. Follow the following quick and easy tips to achieve a glamorous look in only minutes!

Basic Hues:

Perhaps the simplest style of them all is the basic solid color manicure. For open-toed shoes, be sure to apply a coat of the same color to your tootsies to accent your outfit and make you feel even more stylish and sexy. Basic styles in neutral and mild tones work very well for first impressions. Save the black and silver for future engagements.

Choose a color that complements the clothing you intend to wear. If the outfit is patterned, pick a shade that appears within the design a bit less than the other colors and use that same shade of nail polish to emphasize that hue.

For an even more fashionable look, do your nails in the solid color and allow them to dry completely. When they are finished drying, use a thin brush or a toothpick with a different color and trace a diagonal line going the same way on each nail. Try to make them as uniform as possible, and as you become more and more adept at painting extra designs, create your own styles for fun.

School Spirited:

If you are still in school or attending college, an exclamation of school pride would wear well on your nails by painting them in your school colors. You can do this in one of many ways:

    * Alternate the colors by painting each nail entirely with one color and doing the next nail in the next school color. For example, if your school colors are blue and white, start with blue on your thumbnail, white on your index finger, blue on your middle finger, and so forth.
    * Paint the nails all the same solid color, and once completely dry, paint the tips the other school color.
    * Paint all nails one color, and using a toothpick or very thin brush, sketch a phrase or GO (mascot or school name)! on your fingernails if it fits.
    * Get creative and make up your own draw swirls, try to paint your school mascot, etc.

A Girls Night Out Styles:

Attract some attention with a wild and crazy style  be it zebra stripes, metallic glints or otherwise. Perfect for a night to the clubs or a date out on the town.

Do a quick version of a French manicure by painting the base coat of your nails in a neutral tone, such as a salmon color. With a white hue, once dry, paint the tips of your nails carefully and as uniformly as possible. This works best if you are able to grow your nails out a bit so you can use your natural nails anatomy as a guide.

Glitter and glamour  Choose a base color to use on all of your nails to complement your outfit. Allow that coat to dry  paint another coat if necessary. Once the nails are smudge-proof, take a glass coat of clear gloss or a sparkle coat that matches the chosen color and add your own special touches. Dark blue and black look very nice with silver glitter, red with gold glitter, though the combination possibilities are endless. These glittery styles may complement wedding apparel, semi-formal wear and even casual attire.

To save even more time, apply a clear coat to your nails each day to protect the polish from chipping. Experiment with decals and nail transfers if you are not up for designing your own artistic themes. Be creative, do not get discouraged and remember, the more practice you get, the easier it will become each time you try a new style!

Monday, December 19, 2011

African Hairstyle For Women

African Curly Hairstyle for Women

African Curly Hairstyle for Women

African Curly Hairstyle for Women

African Curly Hairstyle for Women

African Curly Hairstyle for Women
African women are known for their chic hairstyles. Though Afro hair looks great, they are not the most easiest to manage because of the texture of their hair. While earlier black hairstyles was all about straightening their natural hair, the rules of modern glamor are being refreshed and reinvented. From pop diva Beyonce to Halle Berry, for Afro hairstyles for women, wash and wear looks are becoming increasingly popular with natural wave and texture enjoyed rather than ignored. That is why in recent years more Afro-American women prefer to wear their hair in natural state rather than altering it with chemicals and heat. Like most women, Afro-American women choose hairstyles based on convenience, fashion and manageability.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

African Children Hairstyle Wallpaper

African Children Hairstyle

African Children Hairstyle

African Children Hairstyle

African Children Hairstyle

African Children Hairstyle
Children are born carefree and active. When it's fun time, they do not care for anything even if their clothes get torn, their hands get dirty or their hair gets messed up! With children becoming a mess by the end of the day, mothers find it very difficult to care and style their hair. The task becomes more challenging for mothers who have to deal with African-American hair, which are naturally coarse and brittle, and easily get tangled. Fortunately there are certain great African American hairstyles that would not only give their hair a neat look but also style it up in a fashionable order.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Celebrity Shoulder Length Medium Hairstyle

Shoulder Length Medium Hairstyle

Shoulder Length Medium Hairstyle

Shoulder Length Medium Hairstyle

Shoulder Length Medium Hairstyle

Shoulder Length Medium Hairstyle

Shoulder Length Medium Hairstyle

Shoulder Length Medium Hairstyle
Medium hairstyles offer comfortable hair length that is not too long and not too short. These hairstyles vary between long hairstyles and short hair styles. Some of the choicest long hairstyles as well as short hair styles can be conceived with medium hair.

elegant hairstyles 2011

elegant hairstyles 2011
elegant hairstyles 2011

elegant hairstyles 2011
elegant hairstyles 2011

elegant hairstyles 2011
elegant hairstyles 2011

elegant hairstyles 2011
elegant hairstyles 2011

elegant hairstyles 2011
elegant hairstyles 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hairstyle Photos For Women Over 40 | Hairstyle Photos For Women Over 50 | Hairstyle Photos For Women

Sophisticated Hairstyle Guide is unique in its use very liberal and very consistent gun. It is much more extreme than just the removal of a scar or a pimple. All women in every single recent issue, it seems, has been remarkably airbrush. It is unclear whether the changes were automated in Photoshop, or if someone was asked to go through each image and make the changes manually. In any case, the editors do not allow any pictures with spots on the face even though it is a magazine about makeup and hair or skin care. There is no obvious sign of any hair have been manipulated.

Most women are young, so it makes little sense. It is as if we are eliminating wrinkles. Why does everyone have to be Photoshop and faces more work? Many of the small images are not close, but they are improved. Does this not have a negative impact on women pushing perfection as the standard (unreachable)? One suspects that the motivation is simply to avoid offending the stars by the publication of images which are not entirely flattering. But it is neither normal nor necessary, because any hairstyle magazines others do in an extreme way. This makes the women look artificial.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hairstyles 2008 Pictures | Hairstyles 2009 For Black Women | Hairstyles 2009 For Women

One of the most important things for the hair in 2008, is the condition. If your hair is shiny, smooth and natural looking, which is a day in 2008. Is possible with styling products for your hair in top condition, Redken do some great treatments that really make a big difference for dry hair or Frazell. If you go for the sleek sedu hairstyle 2,008 this year and the use of GHDs then remember to use a heat shield, as though the hair is straight, has to be impeccable, which requires good condition. Invest in some good products to achieve a direct and elegant style.

2008 hairstyles are showing much bolder margins, thick, straight cut at eye stripes are fashionable and adds a touch of interest and the audacity of long hair, and the definition of shorter styles. Bobs, bangs and layers have been with us in 2008, combed to be as versatile as last year, but only a little more daring. The colors and shades of copper or even bright pink, you can have a dramatic effect.

bob hair styles
Katie Holmes bob hair styles
Katie Holmes bob hair styles
Victoria beckhum bob hair styles
bob hair styles
bob hairstyles
Once cool modern bob hair styles are brought to our attention by many celebrities like Rihanna or Katie Holmes.They is not only wear this short bob hairstyle but with this hairstyle it looks great. Short bob haircuts are very trendy right now, but keep a classic look. Bob hair styles are versatile as Katie Holmes' hair here and there are many types of bobs out there to choose from, here are a few great examples of short bob hair styles.

Monday, December 12, 2011

bob hair cuts
Bob hair cuts
Bob hair cuts styles
Bob hair styles
Medium Bob hair cuts
Bob hair cuts
Bob hair cuts pictures
Bob hair cuts
The Bob hair cuts is one of those classics hairstyles that seem to never go out of trend. No matter what the current fashion goes, it is always there.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

teen hair styles
teen hair styles
teen hair styles
teenage hair styles
teen hairstyles
teenage hairstyles
Teenage girls haircuts and hairstyles in the cool teenage hairstyles cool teenage hairstyles cool teenage hairstyles Short hairstyles for teen girls can be feminine, simple and trendy – all at Cute Asian Long Curly Hairstyle For Teen Girls Teenage Girl Hairstyles in 2009 Pictures of hair styles for teenage girls Sweet Medium Bob Haircut with Brown Slightly Color Long Blonde Hairstyles for Girls Labels: Hairstyles For Teen Girls Gold Hair Color for Teenage Girl.